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Traditional flavours and innovation

Our refined cuisine and curated, renewed from year to year, but always linked to the best local traditions to bring to the table the flavors of our land.

Every day we offer a menu of three choices, with meat and fish fresh, and a rich buffet of appetizers and cooked and raw vegetables. At breakfast you will find sweet and savoury, hot and cold drinks to start the day with energy.

Unlimited drinks with meals

To remove every thought from your head and think only to choose the menu and enjoy our delicious dishes, during lunch and dinner, all drinks are unlimited and free.

Water, house wine, soft drinks, fruit juices are included with meals. You will be able to choose the beverage you prefer to accompany the menu of the day and take it as many times as you want.

Cooking for celiac people and other special needs

On request with an extra charge, we can process a full menu with specific products , gluten-free, from biscuits to cookies, the bread, the pasta, the desserts, and the menu for allergies various.

It will be sufficient to communicate your needs during the booking of the stay, to be able to tune on the products that can be provided by the hotel and find together the best solution for every need.


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