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Gluten-free cooking

At Jole, holidays, gluten free

We are particularly attentive to the needs of our guests at the table, next to the traditional preparations, we thought the menu for special dietary needs.

We love the traditional cuisine, but also gluten-free.

In Romagna we believe that good food is one of the foundations of hospitality and we want to share this experience with our customers or gluten intolerant.
You will not have to bring in the holiday suitcases full of food, or explain to each meal to your needs. Here at the Hotel Jole who want to eat gluten-free will find a menu as diverse as that of other guests, without having to make sacrifices , and all included in the price, without additional costs.

Bread and home-made desserts and gluten free

From biscuits to cookies, the bread, the pasta, the desserts: everything from us is hand made with love, even in a gluten-free version!
The Jole you will enjoy the smell of home made bread and enjoy the fresh pasta pulled by hand as by tradition, knowing that our chef specializes in gluten-free cooking , and will do whatever is necessary to avoid contamination with other flours.
Forget the snacks and packaged goods: the cakes are made with love and care by our chef!

We wait for you at the Hotel Jole, relaxation and good food await you!

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