Mainly known as a tourist destination in the summer, Rimini embodies the great history and culture. Starting from the Arch Of Augustus and along the whole Course it is possible to meet the most beautiful squares, such as Piazza Tre Martiri and Piazza Cavour, where there is the Teatro Municipal. There is also the Domus of the Surgeon and the Tiberius Bridge.


Just 5 km from San Mauro is located in Cesenatico, a fishing village of ancient traditions. Ancient soul of the country is certainly the Harbour from which branch off the streets of the historic center, characterized by colorful "sails to the third", little squares and traditional fish restaurants.

San Mauro Pascoli

Until 1932 San Mauro di Romagna, changed his name in honor of Giovanni Pascoli. The town center is piazza Mazzini, a short distance from which is possible to admire the home of the famous poet, transformed into a small museum that preserves intact environments. Also of great interest is the estate of the princes of Torlonia, which included the villa, a chapel, the residence of the bailiff, the father of the Pastures, and a few farmhouses.


In the heart of the Rubicono is Longiano, the origins of which date back to the era of the Lombards. On the top of the hill where the Malatesta Castle stands, with the characteristics of a medieval fortress that was both a place of defence, is the residence. Past the gate of the Castle you can admire the Piazza Malatesta, from which branch off the streets and alleys leading to the ancient village.


Known for its basilicas and its architecture, the complex of early christian monuments of Ravenna is considered heritage of the humanity by the Unesco. It is the city's largest and historically most important of the Romagna and home to the tomb of Dante Alighieri.

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