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Medieval villages and history

Take some time to learn about and explore the beauties of the adriatic coast, and visit the most beautiful places of the hinterland.

The surrounding area is rich of medieval villages, each with their own story to tell and to know. Experience a day of culture together with the family and made us the places to visit.

San Mauro Pascoli

The birthplace of the poet Giovanni Pascoli, as well as a flourishing agricultural centre, and footwear. The town center is piazza Mazzini, a short distance from which is possible to admire the home of the famous poet, transformed into a small museum that preserves intact environments.

Also of great interest is the estate of the princes of Torlonia, which included the villa, a chapel, the residence of the bailiff, the father of the Pastures, and a few farmhouses.

San Marino

Perched on top of mount Titano 850 m of height, San Marino has the unique charm of the most ancient Republic of Europe. Famous for its three "Pens", namely, the three medieval Towers, the symbol of the small Republic.

From its rooftop terrace, it is a fascinating vision that extends to the sea.


The castle is famous for the love, sung by Dante in the V canto of the Inferno, between the two lovers Paolo and Francesca da Rimini. L'atmosphere is charming and fascinating of the Village and the Fortress are the natural backdrop for many events, a few kilometres from the Romagna Riviera.


From the etruscans to the Malatesta, the municipality of Verucchio, with its Malatesta Fortress, was the residence of the Malatesta family in the Lower and the Middle Ages, and reached its peak of glory right under this Lordship of Rimini.

Verucchio is situated in a privileged location and spectacular, from which you can admire the whole coast and first hills of the Apennines.

San Leo

In the heart of Valmarecchia, on a hill 600 meters away, San Leo, the historical capital of Montefeltro. In addition to the Fortress, the Pieve, and the Duomo, is also known for the mysterious and fascinating character who was the Count Cagliostro, imprisoned in the fort and died in 1795.

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